Thursday, December 13, 2007

"from the ground in iowa"

A Ron Paul supporter from North Carolina wrote "...from the ground in iowa how is our chances looking.In your opinion does Huckabee really have the support that the MSM is reporting?..."

My reply:

Well, last week a "survey firm" with a name not associated with any candidate called me with what seemed to be a thinly disguised promotion of Huckabee.   I found it amusing that when they asked me which Republican on their list I was likely to support, they didn't even list Ron Paul's name.   VERY slanted poll.

We are working hard here in Fairfield, and the signs in our town are for Ron Paul something like 10 to 1 over all other candidates combined.   Fairfield is a pretty unusual place, though.   On the other hand, I see more Ron Paul signs wherever I drive than all others combined by a good margin.   The caveat is that the caucuses are not truly a poll of the masses.   It's a poll of the politically active, and those people tend by nature to favor government over liberty.

Definitely an uphill climb.