Friday, February 08, 2013

Take a stand (literally)

Belmonte music stand (5051)
As part of reorganizing my space, I put my laptop computer on a (very) sturdy music stand so I could stand at it while surfing the web.   Sitting has poisonous effects on one's physiology, and standing helps posture (if one practices good posture while standing).   Pain is one incentive: poor posture invites pain; good posture relieves pain and stimulates energy.   Another key difference is lipase activation.

I like the effects so far: less sedentation; more stir.

OGM: Wonderful day to be alive

It's a wonderful day to be alive ... and it's a really good day to hear your message!

Emulsifying mocha

I have been experimenting with emulsifiers lately.   For my mocha, I like honey better than lecithin for smoothing the texture.   Just a bit, a half teaspoon in a big mug, makes a difference.   Probably less than that would work, but I love a sweet mocha.

Wafers of cocoa butter
The mocha needs an emulsifier because I've been using cocoa butter instead of dairy cream or some other emulsified fat.   I wonder why everyone doesn't use cocoa butter:  it works SO WELL in coffee, cocoa, or mocha.   It's about 2/3 saturated fat, 1/3 monounsaturated fat ~ this unrefined butter of cocoa is so much better than a pasteurized dairy product.

I twist apart a wafer and use about 1/3 to 1/2 of it in a big mug for smooth deliciousness.

* I just measured "big": 16 ounces.