Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stewing in my juices

It's been almost four years since I burnt out on political activism.   My soup of projects had boiled down to a ragout and then dried up into a lumpy casserole of limp noodles under a tough, overbaked shell of confounded former juiciness.   In other words, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

So I turned my attention to friends and music and having fun.   That was awesome ~~ delightful and refreshing as a cuke'n'lime cooler!  

Now I notice the heat is building again.   I have less tolerance for intolerance, less enjoyment of frivolity, and a bigger urge to urge others to action.   Feels like Mars* is at the kitchen stove again cooking up a big pot of hot and hearty stew.   Temperature is on the rise and at this rate, my blood will boil soon!

Poking around in the stew pot, I see . . .

Raw milk . . . Every mother has made milk ~ it's visceral and close to the heart.

Official bullies . . . Many of us feel anxious around armed, uniformed officers.

Tenants' rights . . . Scorned & trampled ~ a bellwether for everyone else's rights

How 'bout a big bowl full of bully right milk stew?   Mm, mm, make my day!

*   Found it: Mars is coming into opposition with Rahu, and the Rahu opposition to natal Rahu will be exact this December.   Major life pivot ahead!