Saturday, August 13, 2011

Phone tag #1 done, #2 begun

Continuing the game of phone tag from yesterday, I called David Brown again.   This time he called back after the first message I left on his cell phone, and we finished our one-minute-43-second conversation.   He was with his wife at the emergency room, and referred me to the Attorney General's office, since David's bureau (Dairy Products Control) deals only with dairy sales and nothing else.

It's kind of ironic that the Attorney General's office transferred me to the Department of Ag only a few weeks ago, but this is a bureaucracy, after all.

I feel better now that business is concluded with Mr Brown instead of hanging unfinished.  

Then I called the Attorney General's office and left voicemail for Dave Sheridan, Director of the Environmental Law Division, at 12:41 pm.   No calls in return yet.   I'll probably try again on Monday.