Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raw milk

The raw milk topic lit up my research screen recently.   I had studied its health benefits in Weston Price's book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" and decided most definitely that raw milk is a valuable food for overall radiant health.   I wished that I'd known about Price's research much earlier  ~  maybe my children could have been born with better basic health and fewer troubles.   Nevertheless, we're doing the best we can as we learn more and more about better nutrition and better living.

Then a month ago, fellow activist Doug Murguia (whom I'd met 3 weeks before) said that after talking to several people, he thought the raw milk issue would galvanize people to push back against strangling regulations.  

"Great idea," I said, "I'm on it!"   There's something about milk  ~  flowing white nourishment  ~  that pushes emotional buttons like no other food, like no other plant, animal, or mineral on the planet.

Doug and I learned more about each other in the next weeks.   Doug likes to practice civil disobedience to make things happen fast.   I like to practice incrementalism to fasten changes into place.   We're both very dedicated and neither of us says a compromise is a win.   Yet, our activism is from opposite ends of a spectrum of, shall we say, intensity.

So I study raw milk and the masses of laws around it.   Then I sit for a while and conjure ideas.   I talk to people who know more about cows and goats than I do ... then I sit for a while and conjure some more.   I'm putting a lot of attention on rubbing that little glass milk bottle.   

Pretty soon the raw milk genie has to splash out, spluttering and splattering little white drops everywhere, saying, "Holy Cow!   What a gusher of a let-down!"   She wipes her face, looks around, and says, "Come on, girl, we gonna party 'til the cows come home!"

And I say, "Right ON!"

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