Friday, August 04, 2006

Experiments with OutGoing Messages

Some people like the outgoing messages on their answering machines to be plain and simple.  Factual.  Predictable.

Others like their outgoing messages to be outgoing -- friendly, warm, and sociable.  Maybe even uplifting or sensational.

Mine used to have a stern monotone stating only the facts.  Even I didn't like to listen to it when I called home.  Then I heard a friend's OGM that sounded so warm and friendly, I felt uplifted for hours.  So I thought, "Her message is a Very Nice Thing For This World.  If more of those were scattered about, more people would feel much better after hearing them."

Then I heard a different message -- an anonymous pre-recorded one.  You've probably heard the same one.  Every time I heard it, I smiled a little bit, because it sounded so, well, it sounded like it came out of a red velvet bedroom.  Anyway, I thought, "His message, in that female voice, is a Very Nice Thing For My Imagination.  If more of those were scattered about, more people would feel tingly and happy after hearing them."

With all this inspiration, I started experimenting with OGMs.  I've found I like a mix of both factual and friendly, but I also like OGMs to be interesting, engaging, maybe eccentric or even erotic, but always at least technically socially acceptable.  Like me.  :)

So for those interested in experimental OGMs, I'll post mine as I change them, using "OGM:" as the first part of the title, so they can easily be skipped by people with no interest.  I put one constraint on my OGMs: I state my name, so people who don't know me and who are trying to reach me in my official capacity as their city councilor will know they have the right number.

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